FL Only State To Decline Food Aid For Poor Children

Florida Politics reports:

Florida Democrats are piling on Gov. Ron DeSantis with demands he reverse his “appalling” decision not to reenlist the state in a pandemic-era program to bring federal food aid to 2.1 million children from low-income homes. Through his inaction, they said, DeSantis is blocking Florida’s neediest families from getting about $820 million in child food aid, which they could spend at local grocery stores and markets at a time when many families are suffering.

The USDA extended P-EBT through this summer under President Joe Biden and allowed it to continue afterward, enabling states that hadn’t signed up yet to do so during the regular 2021-22 school year. This time, Florida didn’t apply. The result has been a $375 shortfall per eligible child over the summer, with kids losing $2.26 for breakfast, $3.60 for lunch, and $1 for a snack daily.

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