Florida May “Review” Measles, Mumps Vax Mandates

Florida Politics reports:

Florida’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to be a major focus during the 2022 Legislative Session for Sen. Manny Diaz [photo], the top Republican shaping health care policy in the upper chamber. The Senator, who acknowledges he hasn’t gotten a COVID-19 vaccine, says he’s firmly against vaccine mandates. His work could include revisiting existing vaccine requirements long in place in schools, a response to the debate about whether COVID-19 vaccines should also be required.

Republicans opposed to so-called “vaccine passports” have faced criticism, particularly as it relates to schools where current law already requires a bevy of vaccinations. Under current law, only parents who cite religious or health reasons can exempt their children from vaccination requirements. Diaz said it might be time to “review” those mandates, in place for such illnesses as mumps and measles.

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