Evangelical: Any Sexual Role-Playing Is Against Jesus

The Christian Post reports:

Noted theologian and Bible teacher John Piper recently denounced the practice of some married couples to engage in role-playing in the bedroom, stating that “fantasized sin is sin.” On an episode of the podcast “Ask Pastor John” posted to the website Desiring God on Monday, Piper addressed multiple questions sent in by listeners whose spouses were interested in various types of sensual role-play.

An anonymous listener explained that a counselor had told her and her husband that role-playing was “okay in the marriage bed with mutual consent.” Piper, an author and chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary in Minneapolis, Minnesota, responded by stating that “fantasized sin is sin, no matter how many people agree on it.” He added that “playacted sin is sin,” citing Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:27–29 to justify this conclusion.

Read the full article. Piper last appeared on JMG when he flatly declared that sex is for Christians only. “Sex belongs to God. The pleasures of sex are meant for believers.”