Erick Erickson: Biden’s Mandates Are Really Meant To Drive Hatred Of Unvaccinated, Help Dems In Midterms

Via email from right wing commentator Erick Erickson:

I need to submit a proposition to you. What if Joe Biden’s demands for mandatory vaccines at companies of a hundred people or more is not intended to increase compliance with the vaccination rate, but is rather intended to have the effect everyone said it would, for people to dig in their heels and not get vaccinated?

What if it’s part of a larger plan by Biden’s strategists who know that people will dig in their heels and refuse to get the vaccine. Biden’s team can then use this message headed into the midterms to make people hate the Republicans.

In other words, what if this is all part of a larger plan to try to divide people from the GOP and make them hate Republicans so they turn out in the midterms to help Democrats. I don’t like to go there in my thinking, but this Washington Post report and the polling seems to suggest that’s exactly what the Democrats are doing.

Their internal summer polling shows that more and more people are disdainful of the unvaccinated. It is obvious, even to Democrats, that if the President of the United States goes out and tells people to get vaccinated or else, they will dig in their heels and not do it.

What if Joe Biden’s announcement that he was mandating vaccines was in fact, an effort by design to get people to dig in their heels so that the Democrats could then turn around and blame the unvaccinated and tie them to Trump supporters?