DOJ: VA Nurse Sold Stolen Vax Cards On Facebook

From the Department of Justice:

The complaint charges Bethann Kierczak, 37, of Southgate with theft of government property and theft or embezzlement related to a healthcare benefit program. Kierczak, a registered nurse, was arrested this morning and will be appearing in federal court this afternoon on the charges.

According to the complaint, Kierczak is responsible for stealing or embezzling authentic Covid-19 Vaccination Record Cards from the VA hospital—along with vaccine lot numbers necessary to make the cards appear legitimate—and then reselling those cards and information to individuals within the metro Detroit community.

The complaint alleges that Kierczak’s theft of Covid-19 Vaccination Record Cards began at least as early as May of this year and continued until the present. It is further alleged that Kierczak sold the cards for $150-$200 each and communicated with buyers primarily via Facebook Messenger.