Cultist Anti-Mask Oregon Doctor Has License Revoked

Newsweek reports:

A doctor in Oregon has had his license revoked for continually refusing to follow COVID-19 guidelines when dealing with patients and spreading misinformation about face masks.

The Oregon Medical Board issued a final order against Steven Arthur LaTulippe for “dishonorable or unprofessional conduct; repeated negligence in the practice of medicine; and gross negligence in the practice of medicine.” He was also fined $10,000.

He also spread misinformation to his patients about masks being ineffective against COVID-19 and falsely claimed they could cause carbon dioxide poisoning. The physician was also recorded dismissing the importance of masks in a speech at a “Stop the Steal” rally in Salem on November 7.

Read the full article. This nutjob first appeared on JMG back in December 2020 when his license was suspended. YouTube has now deleted his video from my initial post.