Connecticut Doctor’s License Suspended For Sending Out Fake COVID Vaccination Exemption Letters By Mail

From the Connecticut Department of Public Health:

The Connecticut Medical Examining Board, per a request from the Connecticut Department of Public Health, has suspended the Connecticut physician and surgeon license of retired physician Sue Mcintosh, MD, of Durham. The unanimous decision to suspend Dr. Mcintosh’s license took place at an emergency meeting of the Medical Examining Board on Friday morning.

DPH received an anonymous complaint alleging that Dr. Mcintosh was providing fraudulent vaccine exemption forms through the mail related to COVID-19 vaccines, general vaccines, COVID testing, and medical opposition to wearing facial masks. Dr. Mcintosh provided these forms without ever seeing a patient, and the paperwork was sent to anyone who supplied a self-addressed stamped envelope to her.

“These actions by Dr. Mcintosh are irresponsible and unacceptable,” said DPH Commissioner Manisha Juthani, MD. “Her practice of medicine represents a clear and immediate danger to the public health and safety of our communities. The suspension of her license should serve as a warning to other practitioners that this conduct deviates from the standard of care and is subject to serious discipline.”

NBC News reports:

Documents provided by the health department show that the agency received an anonymous tip regarding the alleged scheme in late July. In September, investigators sent Mcintosh a letter with a self-addressed stamped envelope and received the blank medical exemption forms in the mail.

According to documents provided by the state, Mcintosh would send the signed and blank forms back to patients along with a note that read “keep blank copies for yourself for future use,” and, “let freedom ring!” She also encouraged people to copy and distribute the forms “as you wish to anyone.”