Charlie Kirk Calls For Deputizing “Citizen Patriots:” Put Them On The Border To Defend “White Demographics”

“What do you do when you start to have a apathetic tyrant when it comes to immigration law but very engaged when it comes to forcing vaccinations – what do you do?

“I know so many amazing patriots in the great state of Texas, and I love Texas, that have been waiting and are willing for this moment.

“Deputize a citizen force, put them on the border, give them handcuffs, get it done. Sure that’s dramatic. You know what’s dramatic? The invasion of the country.

“We’re going to talk more about that, we’re going to talk about how the other side has openly admitted that this is about bringing in voters that they want and that they like and honestly, diminishing and decreasing white demographics in America.

“We’re going to say that part out loud, as so many people in the corporate media are afraid to talk about it.” – Charlie Kirk, on today’s webcast.