Cawthorn: Boycott Airlines With Vaccine Mandates, We All Have A “Constitutional Right To Unrestricted Travel”

“This is a medical apartheid, plain and simple. There’s over a hundred million Americans who are not vaccinated. I think it’s even more than that.

“And if they want to start shutting down air travel for these people to get around the country, I think that’s actually a constitutional violation because you actually have a constitutionally protected right to free, unrestricted travel within the United States of America.

“And I genuinely believe that what’s going on right now is that all that’s going to happen if United Airlines, and American Airlines, and Delta even – if they decide start requiring vaccine mandates?

“Let me tell you, I’m very confident there will be another air carrier that will come to the field and patriots like myself, and you will give them all of our business.” – Madison Cawthorn, speaking last night on Newsmax.