Catholic Hate Group Sues To Overturn NY Mandates

Law & Crime reports:

The complaint, filed by the Thomas More Society on behalf of a group of unnamed “medical professionals” in the Northern District of New York, asks the federal judge to keep their names hidden during the litigation to protect them from being subjected to “risk of ostracization, threats of harm, immediate firing and other retaliatory consequences if their names become known.”

According to pleadings, all three vaccines currently in use in the U.S. — those made by Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson — “employ fetal cell lines derived from procured abortion in testing.” COVID-19 vaccines themselves do not contain aborted fetal cells. Some opponents of abortion have objected to the fact that some coronavirus vaccines have used cells originally isolated from fetal tissue in various stages of vaccine development.

Read the full article. The Thomas More Society, a Catholic legal non-profit, has sued to overturn election results in multiple states and has filed numerous lawsuits against LGBT rights laws and protections of all kinds. They last appeared on JMG when they won an $800,000 settlement for an anti-lockdown California megachurch. The SPLC lists them as an anti-Muslim hate group.