Carlson: “In California, Non-Citizens Can Vote” [VIDEO]

“Well, in 15 days, the long-suffering residents of the State of California will have a chance to hold someone accountable, their governor, Gavin Newsom, who has so mismanaged the state they can’t keep the lights on, crime is skyrocketing, wildfires are so bad right now at Tahoe, people can’t go outside.

“And in 15 days, voters in California will be able to recall him. Is it just voters in California? In California, non-citizens can vote, so people who don’t live in California vote? It seems kind of racist to prevent them from voting, just because you don’t live there.

“We can’t answer those questions, we’re not election officials. What we can say is, in 15 days, democracy has a chance to work. Let’s hope that it does.” – Tucker Carlson, in one of his most outrageous lies. And that’s saying something.