Canada Busts Anti-LGBT Covidiot Pastor Upon Return

Canada’s Global News reports:

Controversial pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested on the tarmac at the Calgary International Airport on Monday afternoon. Artur’s lawyer Sarah Miller confirmed her client was taken into custody and charged with contempt of court for an alleged offence on June 5, Artur and his brother Dawid Pawlowski were arrested in May for organizing an illegal gathering as well as promoting and attending an illegal gathering. They held church services that flouted rules on masking and physical distancing.

Read the full article. Artur Pawloski last appeared on JMG when he was first arrested for defying COVID laws. Pawlowski is fond of blaming natural disasters on God’s anger over LGBT civil rights. He first appeared on JMG way back in 2010 when Canada revoked his then-church’s tax-exempt status for violating laws on political activities by churches. As noted below, Pawlowski has become a cause célèbre on right wing media.