Bolsonaro’s Wife Got Vaccinated While In New York

The New York Times reports:

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s proudly unvaccinated president, is contending with more fallout from his visit to New York last week to speak at the United Nations: A fourth member of his entourage has tested positive for Covid-19, and his wife, Michelle, opted to get vaccinated before they returned home.

Pedro Duarte Guimaraes, an economist who is the chief executive of Caixa Economica Federal, a leading Brazilian banking institution, disclosed on Sunday that he had tested positive, joining Brazil’s health minister, Marcelo Queiroga, Mr. Bolsonaro’s son Eduardo and a Brazilian diplomat.

Mrs. Bolsonaro’s vaccination, disclosed by Mr. Bolsonaro on Thursday after their return home, generated more adverse publicity, apparently revealing the couple’s lack of solidarity on that subject and — to some Brazilians — a disrespect by the Brazilian first lady for her country’s own health system.

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