Anti-Vax Leader Quits Group After Getting Something

Hawaii News Now reports:

In October 2020, Chris Wikoff helped co-found the Aloha Freedom Coalition — a group in Hawaii that’s been vocal against vaccine mandates and COVID rules. At the time, he shared the coalition’s views that government shutdowns and mandates were ruining businesses and threatening individual liberties.

“They were talking about vaccine passports and vaccine mandates and it seemed like it was over-the top totalitarianism and control,” Wikoff told Hawaii News Now. But earlier this month, he and his wife tested positive with COVID amid a surge of the Delta variant.

“We were told the COVID virus was not that deadly. It was nothing more than a little flu. I can tell you it’s more than a little flu,” he said. Wikoff, 66, still needs help breathing. He thinks he got infected during a church event in August.

Read the full article. Wikoff, who was initially turned away from a hospital due to lack of beds, says he now just wants to “mind my own business.”