Anti-Vax Extremists Shut Down CO Vax Clinics [VIDEO]

The Denver Post reports:

The head of Jefferson County Public Health pulled the agency’s three COVID-19 vaccination vans off the road over Labor Day weekend after nurses and medical staff administering shots to the public were jeered at and harassed by passersby. JCPH Executive Director Dawn Comstock in an interview late Tuesday said that on Saturday, staff manning a mobile vaccine clinic in Gilpin County, which contracts with Jeffco for health services, were yelled at and threatened by passing motorists.

One driver, she said, ran over and destroyed temporary signs the clinic had put out. “Additional cars drove by screaming obscenities at vaccine staff and throwing garbage at them,” she said. “I will not put the hard-working public health staff in harm’s way.”  It’s one thing, she said, to choose not to get vaccinated and another to try and stop others from doing so. “It’s the epitome of selfishness and I am angry today,” she said.

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