Anti-Vax Cultist Activist Is Likely Sick With Something

“I’m not at the top of my game. I had an unbelievable weekend. I bet I – I don’t know how much I slept. I woke up to go back to sleep, unbelievable. Sweating. [Coughs.] Man. My wife’s upstairs with a whip, she didn’t even want me to come down here this morning.

“And uh [coughs], I’m here and I covet your prayers. You know, everybody says the same thing -‘Oh, you got COVID.’ What the hell does that even mean, I got COVID? What is that? What is COVID? I got something.

“And uh, I’m telling you man, it’s been like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life. I can’t eat, I can’t even drink. If I drink water – it doesn’t matter what it is – I immediately want to throw up.

“And I have drenched my bed about as many times as you can drench it, with fever. And uh, I just covet your prayers, if you would.” – Dave Daubenmire.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Daubenmire announces plan to raise $100 million to fight vaccine mandates by “badgering” corporations with accusations of anti-Christian bias. Daubenmire declares Anthony Fauci to be an “emissary of Beelzebub” sent to “destroy the seed of Christ. Daubenmire declares a fatal winter storm in Texas to have been “weather manipulation.” Daubenmire leads a group in desecrating a Native American sacred site in the name of Jesus. Daubenmire says the greatest example of love would be to “put a noose” around “demonic” Hillary Clinton’s neck. Daubenmire says the NFL’s halftime show opened a “demonic porn portal” into his brain. Daubenmire says the NFL halftime show’s “crotch shots” endangered his soul. Daubenmire says Meghan Markle has “poisoned” the royal bloodline by being of mixed race. Daubenmire says eagles don’t mate with buzzards, proving that interracial marriage is wrong. Daubemire says Trump sleeping with “1000 women” is normal, but Pete Buttigieg is “beyond wicked.” Daubenmire says diversity is “cultural AIDS.” Daubenmire says masturbation is “homo sex.” Daubenmire says homosexuality is like “smoking crack.” Daubenmire claims “big business” is secretly using fetal tissue in “food supplements, additives, sweeteners.” Daubenmire claims homosexuality is caused by vaccinations. Daubenmire declares that God killed the Las Vegas concertgoers for their sins. Daubenmire praises a fellow Christian activist’s call to publicly hang California Gov. Jerry Brown. Daubenmire declares that Satan caused the Pulse massacre so that Obama can grab everybody’s guns.