Anti-Vax Christian “Prophet” Pastor Dies Of Something

From the far-right Christian site Charisma News:

Spirit-filled Pastor R. Loren Sandford, lead pastor at the nondenominational New Song Church and Ministries in Denver, Colorado, died Friday due to complications from COVID-19. Sandford was 70.

According to the church’s Facebook page, Sandford had languished for weeks in the hospital with COVID. For several years, Sandford was a regular writer and columnist for Charisma online.

Since receiving his Master of Divinity Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California in 1976, Sandford has served four churches full time, planting two of them himself, including New Song Church and Ministries.

The Friendly Atheist has some screenshots: In the clip below, Sanford explains how God has revealed to him that “there something nefarious and wicked” about coronavirus that “God is about to expose.” He adds that “prophetic voices have revealed the effect of this is to purify the body of Christ.” Then there’s a bunch of babble about the pandemic is due to people “having permission to sin.”