Anti-Vax Anchorage Mayor Defends Wearing Of Star Of David By Protesters After Wild Meeting On Face Masks

The Anchorage Daily News reports:

Opponents of a mask ordinance wore yellow Stars of David and shouted at Anchorage Assembly members, and four people were arrested during a second night of heated public testimony on a proposed mask ordinance for the city. The testimony stretched until midnight and the Assembly did not vote on the ordinance.

Many spoke out against the proposal, which has drawn intense pushback from Mayor Dave Bronson, who has pledged not to enact any mandates to slow the spread of COVID-19. Bronson defended the use of yellow Stars of David by people opposed to the mask ordinance.

“We’ve referenced the Star of David quite a bit here tonight, but there was a formal message that came out within Jewish culture about that and the message was, ‘never again.’ That’s an ethos. And that’s what that star really means is, ‘We will not forget, this will never happen again.’ And I think us borrowing that from them is actually a credit to them,” Bronson said.

Read the full article. Regarding the second tweet below, in 2017 I reported that Christopher Constant and Assembly member Felix Rivera had become Alaska’s first-ever openly gay elected officials. If you can bear it, the last clip below contains hours of yellow star-wearing locals raging about communism, horse paste, Nazis, and other batshittery from the QAnon playbook.