Anti-Maskers Crash California School Board Meeting, Declare Themselves Its New “Constitutional” Leaders

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports:

The Poway Unified Board of Education ended its Thursday meeting early after a group of people protesting mask-wearing mandates interrupted the proceedings, officials said. The board was expected to discuss its safety protocols and public health guidance updates. They never got to those items.

According to a statement issued by the board Thursday evening, a small group forced its way into the district office, pushing past staff members, and refused to leave.

According to witnesses, there were around 25 protesters outside the school district offices in Carmel Mountain Ranch. They were carrying signs that read, “Let Them Breathe, unmask our kids,” “Recall Gavin Newsom” and “Critical Race Theory teaches hate, racism, division.”

Raw Story reports:

In a video posted to Twitter by the Activated Podcast and highlighted by Voice of San Diego editor in chief Scott Lewis, a man identified as Derek Greco claims he and fellow anti-mask activist are now the acting school board — and he is its president –for the city of Poway.

Lewis wrote, “the group that stormed Poway’s school board meeting pretended to have become the new real school board and cheered their new jobs.”

In the video posted by Greco, he claims the board abandoned their jobs, his group brought along a “constitutionalist” who gave them a thumbs-up to vote themselves into the jobs since they had a quorum.