Anti-Gay Anti-Vax CO Pastor Is Sick With Something

Denver’s Westword reports:

Denver Bible Church pastor Bob Enyart, a longtime Denver media personality who remains an active podcaster, made headlines last October when a lawsuit he filed prompted a U.S. District Court judge appointed by President Donald Trump to grant a temporary restraining order against the Colorado public-health order regarding COVID-19 and mask use at religious services, as well as rules limiting gatherings to 175 people amid the pandemic. Now, however, Enyart and his wife, Cheryl, have both contracted COVID-19.

From his iHeart Media page:

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t send COVID treatment suggestions. Bob has receive about a hundred suggestions already; they often conflict with one another, and being exhausted, Bob has asked his staff to just block the email of anyone sending along a COVID treatment suggestion. So, Bob loves you too much. He doesn’t want to lose email friends. So please honor his wish. Even if it meant he and Cheryl would die, they just don’t want any more COVID treatment recommendation

Raw Story reports:

Enyart, who appeared multiple times on ABC’s Politically Incorrect and bought $25,000 in O.J. Simpson memorabilia to burn, used to gleefully read obituaries of people who died from AIDS while playing “Another One Bites the Dust,” by Queen, on his now-defunct TV program Bob Enyart Live.