VIRAL VIDEO: Social Media Sleuths Identify Anti-Masker Cultist Who Screamed At An Elderly Woman On Subway reports:

Ryan Bartels is a Virginia man who has been accused on social media of being the anti-masker who yelled “1776!” at a woman on a New York City subway on August 15, 2021, in a now-viral video. The incident occurred on the Q subway train in New York City. Officials with the NYPD and the MTA have not commented about whether an investigation into the incident is ongoing. According to the MTA, masks are required on subways in New York City.

The video that went viral showed a man yelling “1776!” at a woman on the subway. It was posted on Twitter and TikTok by a user who goes by Naviko and @Subway_DJ. The man was not wearing a mask, while the woman was. “I wish the police would come and give you a $50 fine” for not wearing a mask, the woman tells the man. The man then leans closer and says in a mocking tone in the woman’s face, “I’m so afraid!” He steps back after she says, “Please get away from me sir.”

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