Unvaccinated FL Woman Comes Home From COVID Hospitalization To Find Husband Dead Of Something

Tampa’s ABC News affiliate reports:

A Winter Haven woman is grieving the loss of her husband after she got hospitalized with COVID-19, only to come home to find her husband dead from COVID-19 complications. “It was just like walking into a horror scene. It’s just been horrible,” said Lisa Steadman.

58-year-old Lisa Steadman thought she was through the worst of it. She and her husband Ron both got diagnosed with COVID-19 in early August. “I was in the hospital for 8 days. Every day I talked to him,” said Steadman. Ron never ended up in the hospital, but instead was home taking care of the dogs while Lisa was gone.

Lisa said that neither of them had received a COVID-19 vaccine, not because they were against it, only because they wanted to wait. Now, after talking with her doctor and dealing with the virus firsthand, her mind has changed.

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