TX Paper Blasts Gov: “We Don’t Have Clear Leadership”

From the Dallas Morning News editorial board:

Babies hooked to ventilators. Overflow tents pitched outside of hospitals. Parents fretting that sending their kids to school might become an intolerable risk. A plateau in vaccination rates and the more contagious delta variant were just the recipe to send cases skyrocketing again.

The Dallas-Fort Worth region has swung from a low of 289 hospitalizations in June to more than 2,600 as of Thursday, seemingly on a trajectory to hit numbers we last saw in January, when we peaked at more than 4,100 hospitalizations. Also as of Thursday, our 19-county trauma service area had no pediatric ICU beds left.

Texas is in crisis again, but we don’t have clear leadership to attack the problem. It’s our governor’s responsibility to lead. Court battles about who’s in charge will drag out the chaos. Abbott can wait for judges to sort out whose executive order trumps whose, or he can be the leader Texans need.

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