“Southern Patriot” Surrenders After Capitol Hill Bomb Threats, Demanded That Biden, Top Democrats Resign

Buzzfeed News reports:

Although police have not yet publicly confirmed the suspect’s identity, he appears to be a man named Ray Roseberry, according to multiple livestreams on his Facebook page that appear to have been recorded from within the black truck on Capitol Hill.

In the livestreams, the man demanded that President Joe Biden and other prominent Democrat politicians step down, accusing them of killing America. He identified himself as a southerner and called on other “patriots” and southerners to join him on Capitol Hill to begin a revolution.

As law enforcement snipers appeared on the scene, the man said in the livestream that a bullet to the window would detonate the bomb. He then claimed to have enough gunpowder, ammonium nitrate, and shrapnel in the truck to destroy two city blocks.