South Carolina Parent Reveals CDC Plot To Shut Down Schools And Turn Them Into “Concentration Camps”

Greenville, South Carolina’s NBC News affiliate reports:

Some parents in Greenville County are frustrated and say they want masks mandated. Others say they’re glad it’s an option.

The Greenville County School board voted unanimously at a meeting Tuesday to pass a motion allocating 5.5 million dollars in federal funding. The district will allocate $3.3 million for 80 hours of COVID-19-related leave for staff. Right now, district employees have to use accrued PTO if they need to isolate or quarantine.

Masks were not on the agenda. At a work session before Tuesday night’s Board of Trustees meeting, Superintendent Royster shared the latest COVID-19 numbers: 910 students are quarantining, 245 are isolating, and 407 are waiting for test results.

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