Scammers Will Get You Banned By Instagram For $60

Vice News reports:

Scammers are abusing Instagram’s protections against suicide, self-harm, and impersonation to purposefully target and ban Instagram accounts at will, with some people even advertising professionalized ban-as-a-service offerings so anyone can harass or censor others.

It appears that in some cases, the same scammers who offer ban-as-a-service also offer or are at least connected to services to restore accounts for users who were unfairly banned from Instagram, sometimes for thousands of dollars.

War, the pseudonymous user offering the ban service, told Motherboard in a Telegram message that banning “is pretty much a full time job lol.”

The Verge reports:

The fact that many of the businesses offering banning services also offered help getting accounts back, sometimes for anywhere between $3,500 to $4,000, probably doesn’t hurt either. Some users noted that they received offers of account help immediately after their accounts were disabled, and that often the Instagram account that reported them was following the Instagram account that offered help.

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