QAnon/Nazi “Influencer” Unmasked As FL Evangelical

Logically reports:

GhostEzra, who first appeared online at the end of 2020, has made claims about Jewish control of Big Pharma, the media, and central banking. The account has also claimed that Jews are responsible for both world wars and that the people who “identify as Jewish but are not actually even Jews” have a goal of “total world domination and control.”

He has linked his followers multiple times to neo-Nazi propaganda, including a 12-hour film that, among other claims, asserts that Jews created communism with a goal of “total world domination.” As a result, the comments under the account’s Telegram posts now effectively function as a neo-Nazi discussion forum.

The man behind the account, Robert Smart, is an evangelical Christian and serial entrepreneur who attends several churches in his local area. He appears to have previously operated at least four other QAnon Twitter accounts, each set up within a day of its predecessor being suspended.

The Hill reports:

GhostEzra has recently emerged as one of the most influential figures in far right online spaces, amassing well over 300,000 Telegram channel subscribers since the beginning of the year.

The account also shares unsubstantiated theories about President Biden being dead, the 2020 election and coronavirus.

Researchers identified Smart as the individual behind GhostEzra using images taken from Telegram that led to Google and Yelp review accounts and in turn an email address.