QAnon AZ Senator Agrees That COVID Doesn’t Exist

Media Matters reports:

Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers appeared yesterday on a right-wing conspiracy theory program, where she praised the host for telling the “truth” after he falsely claimed that the coronavirus doesn’t exist and that COVID-19 vaccines have killed over 55,000 people.

Rogers has become one of the most visible Republicans promoting the sham 2020 election “audit” in Arizona. The state senator has also pushed the white nationalist “great replacement theory” trope.

She has frequently appeared in right-wing media, including former Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s program and One America News. She’s also repeatedly gone on the antisemitic outlet TruNews with white nationalist Lauren Witzke. Former President Donald Trump recently praised Rogers while speaking in Arizona.

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As Right Wing Watch notes, the host of the above-cited show, Stew Peters, has called for executing Anthony Fauci.

Yesterday Peters hosted QAnon freak show DeAnna Lorraine, who declared that Nancy Pelosi and the deep state are murdering Capitol police officers in order to prevent them from telling the “truth” about the Capitol riot “hoax.”

Rogers recently appeared on JMG when she declared support for the Confederacy and when she threatened to have US Attorney General Merrick Garland imprisoned.