Proud Boys Wannabe Guilty Of Threat To Kill Warnock

Law & Crime reports:

A New Yorker pleaded guilty on Monday to threatening Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) online the day Democrats regained control of both branches of Congress. Eduard Florea, 41, also pleaded guilty to illegally possessing ammunition that the FBI found in his Queens County home on Jan. 7.

The evening before the Jan. siege of the U.S. Capitol, a user logged onto a social media platform popular with the far-right under the handle “LoneWolfWar” and began fantasizing about slitting a throat.

The user especially seethed about Sen. Warnock’s election as Georgia’s first Black senator, who along with fellow Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff tipped Senate control to the Democrats. The account posted a flood of bile, vulgarity and death threats, prosecutors say.

Read the full article. As I previously reported, Florea intended to accompany Proud Boys during the Capitol riot, but his ride never picked him up. According to the feds, he also threatened to murder his wife because she wouldn’t let him use their joint business account to make donations to the Proud Boys. Florea has a previous felony conviction from 2014 when feds found a massive arsenal in his Queens home. He faces up to 15 years in federal prison.