Prophet: Jesus Rode My Motorcycle With Me [VIDEO]

Hemant Mehta has the transcript at The Friendly Atheist:

I was going down from the mountain, just in awe — just in awe — of what had just happened to me. And the voice comes. He says, “My son. Go get our bike. Go get OUR bike! Not your bike. So it wasn’t just about me. He says, “Go get OUR bike”!

And Steve, I just broke down. Just broke down right there at the foot of the mountain. I just broke down. Go get OUR bike! Go get OUR bike?! Yes! And when the Lord directed me to the bike, there was a BMW.

He was there for the whole process of purchasing it. And when he rode on that bike, that was — I thought the mountain experience was great, and then when he rode on the bike with me, oh my god, that was a greater opportunity than my visitations to heaven!

Read the full article. When Jesus isn’t riding bitch on his motorcycle, “Dr.” Johnson spends his time pushing bitcoin, revealing God’s personal messages to him, predicting Trump’s imminent return to power, and interviewing pink-haired fellow grifter Kat Kerr. Watch the clip.