Pentagon Confirms Explosion Outside Kabul Airport

The Wall Street Journal reports:

An explosion ripped through a crowd of Afghans trying to enter Kabul airport Thursday, just as America’s allies said they were halting evacuation flights from Afghanistan, leaving behind citizens and thousands of Afghans who had been cleared for entry.

There were no immediate details on the extent of casualties, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said. Western governments have repeatedly warned of an imminent attack by Islamic State and urged their citizens not to approach the airport on Thursday.

As the airlift opportunities began disappearing, desperate Afghans and foreign citizens still tried to reach Kabul’s international airport but on Thursday morning found the roads blocked by Taliban checkpoints.

The Associated Press reports:

The Pentagon confirmed Wednesday an explosion took place outside of the Kabul airport, where thousands of people have gathered in the hopes of escaping Afghanistan following a takeover by the Taliban. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby says casualty numbers are currently unclear.

The explosion comes after the U.S. and other western nations warned of a potential ISIS-K attack at the airport on Wednesday night. According to the Associated Press, Britain warned that an attack could occur “within hours,” while Belgium warned that the attack could come in the form of a suicide bombing.