Pastor Hands Out Exemption Letters For “Unclean” Vax

The New York Daily News reports:

A Brooklyn preacher’s blessing is a pox upon his flock. The Rev. Kevin McCall is vowing to give COVID inoculation exemptions to members of his church trying to avoid vaccine mandates — and is even offering the letters as an enticement so people will join.

McCall told the Daily News on Friday that about 60% of his congregation at the Anointed by God Ministry have requested exemptions from the life-saving shots — and that others from outside his church are coming in droves for the exemption benediction.

He said that there’s no fee to get the letter, but encouraged donations. “Anything that you put in your body that we deem unclean — whether it’s vaccines, bad food, liquor or drugs — those are unclean things,” he said.

Read the full article. A spokesman for the mayor’s office calls the letters a “publicity stunt,” adding that they will likely be worthless if presented by a city worker.