Oregon Proud Boys Rally Erupts Into Gunfire [VIDEO]

The Guardian reports:

A right wing protest in Portland on Sunday has culminated in a gunfight, when antifascist demonstrators returned fire at a man who shot at them with a handgun in a downtown street. The firefight took place in the heart of downtown Portland, soon after 6pm. As antifascists followed a man at a distance who they were trying to eject from the area, he took cover behind an electrical substation box, produced a handgun and opened fire.

He fired at least two shots before an antifascist returned fire with their own handgun. At least seven shots were fired. Portland police bureau confirmed that a man had been arrested over the shooting but did not have any information on any injuries. The incident came after a day of protest descended into running clashes involving hundreds of protesters and counter protesters.

Oregon Public Radio reports:

Early in the day, organizers of the far right event announced they were moving their rally from Waterfront Park in downtown to a commercial parking lot in Northeast Portland. Hundreds of people with the anti-fascist group congregated at Waterfront Park, despite the relocation. Far right activists, meanwhile, set up a stage on a small trailer in the commercial parking lot along Northeast 122nd Avenue.

Photos and videos streamed online showed members of the Proud Boys — a frequently violent far right group — gathering and speaking at the conservative event. Among them was Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, who has been convicted of engaging in violence at protests. “We’re not going to stand down,” Toese said. He added that his group was “not playing this time,” but said they did not have plans to leave the Northeast Portland location Sunday.

The Washington Post reports:

The far-right event was occurring at a parking lot about five miles northeast of the waterfront park. Video footage from the parking lot show participants wearing apparel expressing support for former president Donald Trump or hatred toward the political left.

Just before the violence starts, one right-wing protester can be heard taunting another group of protesters: “Antifa, come on. Let’s play, let’s play,” the protester is recorded as saying, while another right-wing protester urges restraint to his colleagues, before saying: “The second they start attacking, we will unleash on them.”

About 30 minutes later the scene erupts, with protesters shooting paintballs at each other, destroying a white van, detonating what appear to be small gas grenades and spraying chemicals at each other. Footage doesn’t show uniformed law enforcement officials.