Oklahoma GOP Stages Anti-Vax Rally At State Capitol

Oklahoma City’s ABC News affiliate reports:

Hundreds of people gathered at the state Capitol on Saturday for what they called the Oklahoma Freedom Rally, with many protesting against mandates on the COVID-19 vaccine and masks. While hundreds of people made it inside the Capitol rotunda for the rally, hundreds more were still outside as of 5 p.m., waiting to get in.

Some even held their own mini-rallies. People inside the Capitol sang “America the Beautiful,” chanted “USA!” and recited the pledge of allegiance. Many held American flags and signs that said “no vaccine mandate,” “protect our freedom” and “mandate medical freedom.”

Oklahoma City’s NBC News affiliate reports:

The rally was put on by several Republican groups. “It’s only a matter of time before you won’t be able to do anything without the permission of a communist government who will require proof of vaccination,” Oklahoma GOP Chairman John Bennett said.

He invited Oklahomans to attend the rally earlier this week in a video message. The rally came after Bennett recently made a controversial post comparing unvaccinated people to Jews in the Holocaust.

“I don’t approve of the vaccines. I approve, I thank everyone for making them, for making them available, and for them being free, but I don’t to be forced into it, because that starts to infringe on our rights,” attendee Karen Monahan said.

The clip at the bottom, good grief.