Mississippi Gov Spreads Vax Disinfo At Presser [VIDEO]

The Mississippi Clarion-Ledger reports:

Amid Mississippi’s largest surge in COVID-19 cases and with the state’s hospitals stretched beyond capacity, Governor Tate Reeves on Friday encouraged Mississippians to get vaccinated. The encouragement came in between attacks on the press, him questioning the efficacy of face masks at preventing the spread of the coronavirus and general vaccine misinformation.

Reeves repeatedly said it is rare for a vaccinated person to contract COVID-19 or to be able to spread the virus. When asked to verify those claims, Dobbs said the vaccine does limit a person’s exposure to the virus, but it is roughly only two-thirds effective at preventing the spread of it, even among asymptomatic cases. He said there would be no vaccine mandate for state employees, and questioned whether public entities have the legal authority to even mandate vaccines.

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