Megachurch Pastor Who Calls Lockdowns “Hitler False Science” Admits Congregation Stricken By Something

The Roys Report reports:

On Sunday, John MacArthur acknowledged for the first time that COVID-19 swept through Grace Community Church last winter — a fact he’s failed to admit until now, despite evidence reported months ago by The Roys Report. MacArthur also divulged that he and his wife had COVID last December.

Before his Aug. 29 sermon, MacArthur said that “many people contracted COVID, it probably went through our church in maybe December or January.” He also said his wife “Patricia and I enjoyed our own bout with COVID for about a week and a half” at the time.

MacArthur’s comments came as his church is preparing to settle a lawsuit Los Angeles County brought over the church’s failure to report an outbreak of COVID-19 to health officials in December as required.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

At the beginning of the pandemic, Grace church’s pastor, the Rev. John MacArthur, was supportive of following coronavirus mandates, since he has preached for years about obeying government officials.

Last summer, he changed his message, saying there was no pandemic and the public health statistics were wrong, even as church members were falling ill and dying. It was all a government ploy to control Christians, he said.

But that hasn’t stopped MacArthur from continuing to fight COVID-19 protocols. He recently started offering a form letter for members to claim a religious exemption if their employer requires COVID-19 vaccination.

According to the first article linked above, members of the church “feared retribution” if they discussed the outbreak and staff members were pressured not to report it to health officials. Students at the church’s school were reportedly mocked if they obeyed COVID protocols.

Despite MacArthur’s admission, his church is about to take an $800,000 settlement from Los Angeles County and the state of California to cover their legal fees in fighting the county’s lawsuit. The church was represented by Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis and an anti-LGBT hate group.

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