Maryland Husband And Wife Charged In Capitol Riot

Law & Crime reports:

A Maryland couple has been arrested in connection with the Jan. 6th siege at the U.S. Capitol Complex. Christopher Price and Cynthia Ballenger were charged in a federal criminal complaint on Monday. Federal authorities were anonymously tipped off to the defendants’ alleged participation in the riot on Jan. 12 in a message that claimed Ballenger and her husband were “part of the crowd that entered” the national seat of legislative government on the day in question.

Price allegedly sent their friend a text message on Jan. 6 that said: “We’re just taking over the capitol.” The friend replied: “Trump said to be peaceful.” Price allegedly replied back with a photograph and captioned it: “Tear gas and explosions going off.”  Search warrants later allowed the FBI to determine that Ballenger and Price had logged into their wireless devices and used their online profiles for roughly two hours while inside the U.S. Capitol.

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