Major FL Paper “Begs” DeSantis To Promote Vaccine

From the editorial board of the Orlando Sentinel:

If you were one of the 1.1. million followers of DeSantis’ Twitter account, you would have little way of knowing — based on his tweets from July 1, around the time the outbreak began, through Wednesday — that COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths were surging in Florida. DeSantis tweeted about 130 times during that period, and just once did he mention vaccines. That tweet simply quoted a researcher saying Florida had “protected the vulnerable by vaccinating the older population.”

We’ve begged DeSantis in previous editorials to do better, to get his fellow Floridians vaccinated so we can find a way out of this. Please, governor, go back to the playbook you had last spring when you barnstormed the state to get older Floridians vaccinated. Help us get through this crisis. Use the power of your bully pulpit — including your Twitter account — to save people from suffering by getting the COVID vaccine. We’re begging you. Again.

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