Lindell Claims He’s Hiding GOP Official From The FBI

Salon reports:

The infamous pillow salesman-turned-2020 election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell claimed to be harboring a Colorado election official, who is on the FBI’s radar for allegedly leaking confidential election information, in a “safe house.”

The MyPillow CEO made the admission during a broadcast on his FrankSpeech website Thursday night, claiming that Mesa County clerk Tina Peters was being secretly held somewhere in Texas — that is, until a member of his own cyber team leaked her apparent whereabouts.

On Tuesday, the FBI announced a probe into Peters due to the initial leak, which yielded photos of the sensitive election materials to appear in right-wing conspiracy sites like The Gateway Pundit.

Read the full article. Lindell claims that after a disgruntled insider leaked Peters’ location, her hotel room was broken into.