Larry Klayman Sues Roger Stone For Molestation Claim

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports:

The conservative activist lawyer that sued China for $20 trillion over the coronavirus pandemic is now seeking $5 million in a defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump ally Roger Stone over comments he made on a social media site popular with far-right extremists.

Larry Klayman filed the lawsuit in Palm Beach County on Monday, arguing the political provocateur made a false statement about his status as a lawyer and levied a false accusation that Klayman had molested his children.

Stone posted a comment on Gab that called Klayman a “warped former lawyer that the 11th circuit found guilty of molesting his own children.” After Klayman demanded it be taken down, Stone posted a “clarification” that further insulted Klayman by referring to a profanity.

Read the full article. Klayman says his ex-wife falsely accused him of molestation during a custody battle and that no charges were ever filed. Klayman has been suspended from practice in Washington DC, but remains licensed in Florida. Klayman recently represented Roy Moore in his failed $95 million lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen. Last year a federal court dismissed his multi-billion dollar suit on behalf of Laura Loomer against Google, Apple, Twitter, and Facebook.