Johnson Demands FDA Not Give Final Vax Approval

The far-right Washington Times reports:

Sen. Ron Johnson called out the Biden administration’s health agencies Sunday for short-cutting the usual safety reviews in a rush to give final approval to COVID-19 vaccines, including failing to account for thousands of deaths and adverse reactions among people worldwide who got the shots. “I see no need to rush the FDA approval process for any of the three COVID-19 vaccines. Expediting the process appears to only serve the political purpose of imposing and enforcing vaccine mandates.”

In the letter, Mr. Johnson outlined some of the data from VAERS, which tallies adverse effects in people who get shots, though the shots have not been shown as the cause of the adverse effects: As of Aug. 20, 12,791 worldwide deaths over an eight-month period have been associated with the three COVID-19 vaccines. Mr. Johnson noted that the 12,791 deaths eclipse the 8,966 deaths related to all other vaccines reported on VAERS since its creation 31 years ago.

As has been widely reported, members of the public may post to the VAERS system and therefore it’s been hijacked by QAnon and anti-vax groups.