Johnson: Cow De-Wormer Is Far Safer Than The Vax

The Wisconsin Examiner reports:

Sen. Ron Johnson has made multiple podcast and radio appearances this week in which he pushes Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19 while fear mongering about vaccinations. And he’s continued to do so, even after clear warnings that his message is dangerous.

Johnson appeared on the shows of Wisconsin right wing radio host Vicki McKenna and Washington Times opinion editor Cheryl Chumley to criticize the FDA’s decision to fully authorize Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine and advocate for people to take Ivermectin to treat the disease.

“They’re doing far more than dismissing me, they’re attacking me,” he said on her podcast, Bold and Blunt. “I don’t care what drug will work. Try a bunch of them.” Johnson falsely told McKenna that COVID-19 vaccines are far more dangerous than Ivermectin.

Read the full article. There’s SO much more. Earlier this summer Johnson was suspended by YouTube for promoting lies about the COVID vaccine.