Jeopardy! Names Two Hosts To Succeed Alex Trebek

NPR reports:

After weeks of celebrity tryouts, leaks and heated speculation by game show fans, current executive producer, Mike Richards and actor Mayim Bialik have been named permanent co-hosts of Jeopardy!, marking the first time two people will host one of television’s most popular game show. Richards will host the daily syndicated program while Bialik hosts the primetime series and new spinoffs.

Widely-circulated reports that Richard was first in line for the job provoked immediate backlash online. Critics described the choice as unadventurous and pointed to a lawsuit alleging toxic behavior in a previous job. Infuriated fans of LeVar Burton, the beloved television icon known for his work on shows ranging from Roots to Reading Rainbow to Star Trek: The Next Generation were also quick to express displeasure.

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