Horse Paste “Flying Off Shelves” At Florida Feed Stores As State Poison Control Reports Surge In Calls [VIDEO]

Jacksonville’s NBC News affiliate reports:

It’s not unusual for customers at Standard Seed & Feed to buy ivermectin, but the owner of the Jacksonville store said Thursday he’s never seen it fly off the shelves like it has lately.

Store owner Frank Wallmeyer said he usually stocks up on the livestock medicine by buying a dozen bottles at a time. Yet ever since people have been seeking it out as a form of self-medication against COVID-19, it has exploded in popularity.

“Now we’re buying it 100 at a time,” Wallmeyer told News4Jax. “They’re using it for COVID. And it’s a horrible, horrible disease and people are desperate and they’re willing to try anything they think will work.”

From the Florida Poison Control Center:

IVERMECTIN ALERT: We are seeing a spike in cases related to ivermectin, a deworming medication. We’ve treated 27 patients so far in August, with most of them related to inappropriate use of ivermectin made for livestock.

Some of these cases involved serious side effects, including seizures. Please note, ivermectin has not been authorized or approved by the FDA for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19. Our doctors, nurses and pharmacists are here 24/7 at 1-800-222-1222 if you have questions.