Homocon Riot Suspect: I’m Being Sued By Capitol Police Officers, Please Send Me Money Immediately

Via email from homocon riot suspect Brandon Straka:

Dear Patriots, Freedom of speech must always be protected in America. We must never allow anybody who hates American freedom to opportunistically use a public scandal to chip away at our constitutional freedoms.

I am being sued by 7 Capitol police officers for what appears to be allegations against me accusing me of saying things that incited others to commit crimes. The accusation is that I said words. Words like “We are not going to take it” and words like “never back down”.

Allow this to sink in. I am being sued by police officers for saying words. I still back the blue- and always will. Even defending those who are suing me now.

Patriots, I really need your help. This will begin a whole new legal battle for me. It’s disgusting, but beyond my control that this is happening. Please make a contribution to my legal support fund. You can do so below under the “support” section.

Along with the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, Stop The Steal organizers, and Trump, yesterday Straka was named in the suit filed by seven Capitol Police officers.