Homocon Riot Suspect: Dems Told Antifa To Attack Me

Via email from homocon riot suspect Brandon Straka:

Dear Patriots, Unfortunately, no. You’re not having a bad dream right now. This is actual reality. This is real life.

Today was supposed to be the day of my preliminary hearing in court to move forward my case. Instead, my case was once again extended. This time until Oct. 6th.

Also today, the United States government released a list of names of people they want to investigate. They are demanding to see all documents and communications between me and the White House going back NINE MONTHS before the election.

Of course there is nothing to see and nothing for them to find out. As usual, this is all theater. But on the other hand, they’ve now published a list which puts the lives of everybody mentioned on that list in danger.

The Democrats in congress have just announced to Antifa who to attack. They’ve just pointed a finger at who other government agencies should track and follow. They’ve now highlighted to the world who shouldn’t be allowed to have bank accounts, social media, or a safe place to exist.

There is so much I want to say and so little that I feel I actually can right now. We will survive this. We’ll survive ALL of it. But this has been an endless brutal beating I’ve taken this year.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Continue to send love. If you’re able to send support, please consider doing so. I’m going to leave it at that for tonight. This has been a long, hard day and I’m sure my outlook will be better tomorrow. Thank God I left the Democratic Party.