Hate Pastor “Lays Hands” On Newsom Recall Candidate

CNN reports:

As he hit the campaign trail this weekend to fight the Republican-led effort to oust him, California Gov. Gavin Newsom leaned into the microphone with a message for all the disengaged Democrats who might be inclined to ignore the September 14 recall election.

“Though we defeated Trump, we didn’t defeat Trumpism. Trumpism is still alive and well, even here in the state of California,” Newsom said, standing before tables full of phone-banking volunteers at Hecho en Mexico restaurant.

He then asked them to imagine the fate of their most urgent policy priorities if he is replaced by Larry Elder, the conservative talk radio host who quickly became his most formidable GOP opponent after a late entry to the race.

As you can see below, this weekend Elder joined far-right anti-LGBT cultist Pastor Jack Hibbs, who appeared on JMG last month when he declared that homosexuality proves the existence of God. The following week Mike Pompeo joined with Hibbs to pray that God forgives California for electing “anti-Christ worldview” Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris.