Hate Group: “The Shots Are Maiming, Paralyzing, And Killing People,” Send Money To Stop Biden’s Mad Quest

Via email from hate group leader Mat Staver:

The shots are maiming, paralyzing and killing people, but Biden continues his mad quest to inject every American.

Meanwhile, the CDC’s VAERS report shows that the number of deaths and serious injuries caused by the COVID jabs is skyrocketing.

No vaccine since the inception of VAERS in 1990 has caused as many injuries and deaths as the COVID shots. Not even all of them combined. And, tragically, the toll is just beginning.

After our intense year-and-a-half-long fight to end illegal restrictions on pastors and churches, Liberty Counsel is preparing for yet another landmark legal battle—this time to protect the right of everyone to choose what goes into their body. NO ONE should ever be forced to put a drug in their body against their will.

But we need YOUR HELP to win this colossal legal battle defending YOUR RIGHT TO CONTROL WHAT GOES INTO YOUR OWN BODY!

Our resources are stretched thin. I need your help. Our Challenge Grant will DOUBLE each gift to Liberty Counsel. Your help is saving both lives and liberty.

You can also help stop the tyranny by faxing governors and Congress. Tell them NO MANDATORY COVID SHOTS OR VACCINE PASSPORTS!