Hate Group Host Denied Flight To Mike Lindell Event

Raw Story reports:

Far-right activist Lauren Witzke was the Republican Party nominee for U.S. Senate in Delaware, but lost by over 20% points. On Monday, Witzke announced on the extremist social networking site Gab that she had been blocked from flying. “Harassed by TSA & Homeland Security AGAIN while headed to Mike Lindell’s symposium. Wasn’t permitted to board my flight in Chicago and am now being chaperoned by DHS,” Witzke revealed.

Witzke, who has been arrested for heroin and meth possession, says she used to smuggle drugs for Mexican cartels.

A self-described “strong” Flat Earther, these days Witzke is a host for Christian pastor Rick Wiles’ viciously anti-Semitic and anti-LGBT TruNews.

Witzke is affiliated with Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and has been banned from most platforms due to racist posts.