Hate Group Claims Vaccine Will Cause Plane Crashes

Via press release from hate group leader Mat Staver:

Liberty Counsel has been assisting thousands of airline employees with religious exemptions who have been told they must get the COVID injection in order to keep their jobs. These employees are facing illegal resistance from both the airlines, and lack of support from the unions.

They are being placed under extreme stress. Based on direct conversations with airline workers, including many pilots and flight attendants, the pressure is resulting in an increased number of safety incidents.

A captain of a major airline said that due to the extreme stress under which pilots are being subjected to regarding taking these unwanted shots or losing their jobs, this captain would not fly on the airline unless in the captain’s seat.

Another said that flight attendants are coming to the cockpit in tears due to the stress. Yet another said that due to distractions, there are also more safety incidents on the ground. Another said that a co-worker under fear of being terminated, succumbed to pressure and took the COVID shots, went into anaphylactic shock, and died.

The number of airline workers in the airlines mandating the shots is in the thousands. The airlines are not only sacrificing their employees but putting passengers in danger.

The airlines are jeopardizing the health and safety of their employees and passengers by pressuring them to get the COVID shots or be terminated. This is a national emergency that places crew and passengers at risk.

If the airlines claim, based on the Department of Defense study, that wearing a mask reduces the chance of exposure to the virus to .003%, or near zero, then why force these faithful employees to inject an experimental substance into their bodies?

No one should not be forced to inject this or any substance in their bodies against their will. It is wrong to violate the fundamental right to free and informed consent and bully people into compliance.

Staver has previously claimed that the vaccine has caused tens of thousands of deaths. He also claims that it causes miscarriages, sterility, brain damage, and is intended to “stop procreation.” On a podcast earlier this month, Staver’s guest declared that that vaccine contains graphene oxide with the intent of “linking people to the internet.”